Burning Man: Breaking the Misconception









Many people troop to the Burning Man Festival for days filled with fun, music as well as art. There is something for everyone at the 

Burning Man Festival and travel expert Jason Buzi and help you around.

As far as art goes, walking around the beach and seeing the installations from afar, away from where people are camped is the highlight of the Burning Man experience. You will see various art cars from animal 

figures to replicas of famous landmarks and many more. You can read moving inscriptions by visiting the temple. There is likewise fireworks and fire dances to behold

However, there seems to be some 

misconception about the festival, which is the cause for some people choosing not to go to the occasion. Here are some of them:

1. A lot of money is needed.

You have to have a ticket (which is around $350), camping gear, food and transportation of course. You can go for a thousand bucks and that’s no more expensive than the usual vacations.

2. You have to allot plenty of time.

Actually, you can spend a good 24 to 48 hours in the festival and enjoy it to the full. For some who really like it, a couple of days is enough. A week may be a stretch. So, it really depends

3. Terrible Weather awaits you.

Actually some experience sunny weather and temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and up, without sandstorms. Naturally, weather is unpredictable so you just have to be ready.

4. Entrance and exit takes forever.

Entrance isn’t that long usually. If you’ll leave prior to the burning of the temple then getting out isn’t that much of a hassle. It takes around 4 hours to reach Reno.

5. You’ll have a difficult time buying tickets.

You can get tickets as long as you’re willing to pay. They sell tickets on their website and there are others who vend on craigslist. You just need to research since they change ticket sales rules every year.

6. All people there are naked.

There is a one in one thousand chance you’ll see someone totally naked. In a crowd of five thousand there may be around five walking around naked. There are special events such those where they wash you or “critical tits” where you get to see a bunch of women topless. But generally, 99% percent of goers where funky stuff and aren’t naked.

7. Everyone is high.

There is drug taking for sure but it doesn’t look like everyone is high or stoned. It isn’t necessary to take the stuff when you go to BM.

8. You have to be totally prepared

Most who go there actually overprepare. But this is dependent on the length of stay. Just keep in mind that you are going to a desert where you can’t really buy anything apart from ice and crappy coffee. Regardless of your length of stay, bring a good supply of food and water.

Don’t let the misconceptions deter you. Let expert traveler Jason Buzi guide you in your journey of discovery at the Burning Man Festival. Leave the itinerary to him and just enjoy your time in Black Rock desert.




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