Palo Alto: Dine Out Charity Events Held by Nonprofits

Across the US, nonprofit organizations are bucking the trend of having people dine out and have an opportunity to give to charity. Last May was the initial National Dine for Charity benefit.

However, Dine Out events have been staged by local organizations for years now. March 7 marks the fifth year of the yearly Dine Out for Packard which benefits the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

According to Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health community relations officer Mallory Oliphant, part of the bill will go to support for expectant mothers as well as children at the hospital. She said that nearly 60 thousand dollars have been contributed by diners in the last four years the event was staged.

Funds are likewise allocated to outreach programs as well as the research of the School of Medicine of Stanford University. The teen health van of the Lucile Packard Hospital that offers treatment for people without or with little insurance is one of the outreach programs.

Mario Navat, owner of downtown Palo Alto-based Gravity Bistro and Wine Bar, said that his establishment has joined in for a few years. He stated that it is import to him because it is for the children.

His business is promoted in the program and thus revenue results, but he stated that the cause is his focus. He said that they also care for the community.

Mango Carribean, another downtown resto also joined in the first year of the program. Winston Wint, the owner, had his nephew with sickle cell anemia treated at the hospital and so jumped in on the event.

Meanwhile, PACCC or Palo Alto Community Child Care, another nonprofit has also held dine-out benefits. 10 years ago, they started program for children. They have 19 sites across Palo Alto and the event is scheduled every fall.

Palo Alto Community Child Care executive director Janice Shaul said that individuals of all walks of life have been able to help charity with the participation of casual restaurants. She stated that not all would like to dress, but everybody eats. 

The program of PACCC began with 12 to 15 restaurants on its initial year and now has 37.

The charity event was previously just dinners, but now features breakfast, lunch and family-oriented diners and high-end restaurants.


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